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Behind The Badge: American flags should be a sign of unity, not division

The Trentonian 19 May 2021
Instead, Mr ... Both parties have failed this country immeasurably with career politicians and their families becoming millionaires, selling their access and influence ... To allow millionaire athletes to kneel for the flag ... Two years ago, I also began flying the Marine Corps flag for the decision my son made to become a United States Marine ... Mr ... ....

New York Family Makes Millions Thanks to Shiba Inu Coin

LB News 18 May 2021
Now, it looks like Dogecoin – a cryptocurrency that was never designed to be taken seriously – has its own alternate currency known as Shiba Inu coin, and some people have already become millionaires thanks to early investments ... One New York family is now comprised of millionaires, and it is largely due to the success of the coin.

5 Typical Investing Mistakes with Cryptocurrency You Should Avoid

Finance Magnates 18 May 2021
In less than a decade, several crypto millionaires made fortune investing in digital assets, which is the case of Erik Finman, who began investing at age 12 in 2011 to become the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaire at age 18 ... The conservative investor, also known as “hodler”, never wants to expose to risk ... ....

Here's the top 9 risks you need to know before investing in Bitcoin

The National 18 May 2021
While the stratospheric rise in Bitcoin prices and wild media headlines have whipped up a Fomo frenzy, the fundamentals of investing haven’t changed ... Read More ... How to become a millionaire ... Investors would do well to become familiar with some of the most significant issues in the wild and woolly world of cryptocurrencies ... Price volatility risk ... .

Shiba Inu Crypto Investors Turn Multimillionaires After Almost Jobless, Relying on Stimulus Checks

Bitcoin 17 May 2021
Shiba Inu Crypto Investors Become Millionaires ... In just two months, the brothers became millionaires ... Bitcoin News recently reported on a few other people becoming millionaires by investing in cryptocurrency ... What do you think about Shiba Inu investors becoming millionaires? Let us know in the comments section below.

Brothers now millionaires after crypto joke

The Daily Telegraph Australia 17 May 2021
Imagine waking up one morning to discover that you’ve become a millionaire overnight? Granted, it doesn’t happen to everybody – unless you’ve invested in cryptocurrency ....

READY, FIRE, AIM: Where’s My Vaccine Lottery Ticket?

Pagosa Daily Post 17 May 2021
Obviously, I was born in the wrong place. Colorado. It didn’t have to be this way ... (She would have fully appreciated how difficult it is to make a living, writing humor articles.) ... Not so, in Ohio ... From the IndyStar, May 13, 2021. ... Who wants to wash plates, when you can become a millionaire just by getting poked with a needle once or twice? ... Wasted.

Eddie McGuire rubbishes outrage over AFL star pinching his teammate's bum during a huddle - ...

The Daily Mail 17 May 2021
Former Collingwood AFL boss Eddie McGuire has leapt to the defence of his old club over their handling of a bizarre pre-match incident which has divided the code ... 'I don't know ... 'It was before the game ... 'I think I was two months off becoming the longest serving president in the history of the game,' the Millionaire Hot Seat host said on Monday ... .

Is America still a melting pot?

Santa Barbara News-Press 16 May 2021
Henry Schutle. I so desperately want to be positive about the state of our country. I’m an immigrant myself and thanked my parents many times for choosing to make America their home ... We hear it all the time how we’re a melting pot, and that’s true ... It’s comforting ... It doesn’t mean everyone will become millionaires, far from it ... So we make laws ... We care ... .

Meet the purple martin, Memphis’ favorite bird

The Maryville Daily Times 16 May 2021
MEMPHIS, Tenn ... The heron, Schmidt said, is a regular visitor to Mertie’s Lake, the decades-old manmade lake that essentially has become a natural part of the landscape of an area that was once a “millionaire’s retreat” (past owners of the Lichterman property have included Piggly-Wiggly founder Clarence Saunders and former New York Giant William H.

Should the Skyway stay or go? In Buffalo, a community responds

The Buffalo News 16 May 2021
On occasions when the Skyway is closed all of the other routes become heavily congested ... Buffalo should not become a millionaire-row objective along our waterfront, leaving Canalside a tiny crumb to be enjoyed by the majority of citizens ... But keep in mind it will become a suicide jump for people, unfortunately.

Why You Shouldn't Follow in This Dogecoin Millionaire's Footsteps

The Bryan Eagle 15 May 2021
(Kailey Hagen). Despite all the skepticism around the newest it-crypto, Dogecoin (CRYPTO. DOGE) has made at least one millionaire so far ... Contessoto took some huge investing risks, and they paid off for him ... Here's why. Image source. Getty Images. He invested all of his savings ... He invested on margin ... Stop trying to become an instant millionaire ... ....

This 'dogecoin millionaire' refuses to sell and bought during the dip — now his stash ...

CNBC 14 May 2021
Since becoming a "dogecoin millionaire" on April 15, Glauber Contessoto has continued to hold — despite the ups and downs, he tells CNBC Make It ... .

Buying 1 Share of This ETF Each Month Could Make You a Millionaire

Tulsa World 14 May 2021
You could become a millionaire by investing less than $500 into this exchange-traded fund each month ... .